Exercise and Nutrition

Join us on Tuesdays with Mrs.  Judith Ward as we learn and discuss exercise and nutrition for senior citizens.  Mrs.  Ward is a Nutritionist and has worked with the Union County Extension as a Nutrition and Food Safety Area Agent.  


Support Groups 

Join a support group for Cancer, Alzheimer's/Dementia, Parkinson's or Caregivers.   These groups are open to all!  The purpose is to provide emotional support to all members who may be in need of someone to talk with about their experiences.  Each support group is led by knowledgeable facilitators. Come share your experiences, give advice to others or just share your ideas!  Pictured above is our annual Breast Cancer awareness banquet, funds raised help MRRC continue to offer space and qualified facilitators to those in our support groups.



At MRRC, we offer a variety of activities.  Every Monday join us for Coffee, Donuts & Activities.  Throughout the month we offer arts & crafts, jewelry making, sewing, quilting, knitting and crocheting.  We also offer games such as Wii bowling, table tennis, word games, puzzles and a host of other fun activities to keep you active and entertained!    

Wednesday's are Bingo Days!  Come join us for this traditional game weekly!  


Other Programs Offered

MRRC also has special events throughout the year such as outings, spa days, special holiday celebrations and birthday parties monthly.  Above you will see a few pictures from our educational outing to the Alzheimer's Luncheon at the local church sponsored by our area hospital, Baptist Memorial.



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