In Memory of

Daisy Ray Erby

( August 31, 1932 – July 8, 2017)

My mother, Daisy, was the mother of 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls.  This great lady was best known for the love she had for her family, her numerous stylish hats, her flower garden and always telling everyone who came by her home that she loved them.  Mom was a hard worker.  She gave 32 years of service to Brookwood Furniture Company and retired from there at the age of 62.  That however didn't stop her from working.  She began cleaning houses full time.  Even when she was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2004 she continued to work for 13 more years.  

After her diagnosis worsened, she retired at the age of 75. This gave her more time to work in her flower garden talking to God and preparing for the biggest battle of her life against Parkinson's.  This illness did not kill her but the complications that came along with the illness took a toll on her life.  If you have a loved one that's been diagnosed with Parkinson's read up and learn all you can about this illness.  It will help you understand how to handle and cope with the disease a little better.

Although my mom's ability to perform daily tasks was taken away from her, her special words never left her.  She continued to say "I love you" to everyone before they left her home. 

Rod Erby

(December 23, 1929 – December 13, 2017)

My father was also a hard worker and great provider for his family.  He was a foreman, logger and truck driver for Langford Lumber Company.  He retired at the age of 62.  He was best known for wearing his overalls, planting and working in the community garden, and how beautiful his lawn always looked.  Little did my father know that he would become mom's secretary while she was still working.  They were like jam and honey, perfect as one.  In 2012, my dad was diagnosed with Dementia.  Within 5 years of his diagnosis, dad started to decline fast from other complications that came with the Dementia.  Once again, read up on this illness to know as much as possible about handling and coping with this illness.

When my father departed this world he remembered all of his family members' names.  

I thank God that both my parents passed on with dignity!  

This is done in your honor mom and dad!

From your loving daughter,
Annie Erby


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